Assisted Living Registrar - Complaint Investigation

The ALR has responsibility for concerns and complaints about health and safety in assisted living residences. Registry staff investigate allegations about circumstances where

  • a residence may be being operated in a way that puts the health and/or safety of residents at risk; or
  • an operator may be housing a resident who is unable to make the decisions needed to function safely in the semi-independent supportive environment of an assisted living residence.

The ALR does not have jurisdiction to investigate complaints about:

  • tenancy issues, such as failure to refund damage deposits or increases in rent without notice. Assisted living residences are not covered under the Residential Tenancy Act. Residents should refer to their occupancy/residency agreement and can take some concerns to Consumer Protection BC.
  • operating issues: such as problems with residence staff, management-staff relations or services (e.g., dissatisfaction with meals) unless the allegation relates to the health or safety of a resident. These types of complaints should be resolved directly with the assisted living operator.
  • case manager’s assessments: complaints about a case manager having assessed an individual as being ineligible for publicly subsidized assisted living. Complaints about case manager assessments are referred to the appropriate regional health authority.
  • community care facilities: the ALR staff do not investigate allegations about community care facilities or whether an assisted living operator is operating an unlicensed community care facility. These complaints should be directed to the appropriate Community Care Facilities Licensing office.
  • municipal issues: the ALR does not investigate noise or nuisance complaints about an assisted living residence. These complaints can be made to the local municipal bylaw department or the police. Allegations about criminal activity should also be made to the police. The ALR may also look into criminal concerns if they pertain to the health and safety of residents.

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Ministry of Health Office of the Assisted Living Registrar
Victoria, BCV8W 9P1
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PO Box 9601 Stn Prov Govt

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Provincewide Toll-Free: 1-866-714-3378
Phone: (250) 952-1369
Fax: (250) 953-0496

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