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Health - Medical Clinics

Bulkley Valley Witset Primary Care Network

The Bulkley Valley Witset Primary Care Network (PCN) is a supportive, clinical network of local primary care services to increase comprehensive care in the geographical areas of Witset, Smithers, and Houston.more info

Address / Contact Info
Bulkley Valley Witset, BC
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Gitanyow Health Centre

Health Centre in Gitanyow, BCmore info

Address / Contact Info
Gitanyow Human Services
5506 New Subdivision Road
, Gitanyow, BC, V0J 2A0
Phone: (250) 849-5572
Fax: (250) 849-5267
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Gitsegukla Health Centre

Supports individuals through mental health and addictions, and primary health care services. Treatment approach reflects each individual's own needs and unique process of recovery.more info

Address / Contact Info
Gitsegukla First Nation
165 Howe Street St.
, Gitsegukla, BC, V0J 2J3
Phone: (250) 849-5231
toll-free: 1-800-313-6188
Fax: (250) 849-5235
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Gitwangak Health Centre

Health Centre in Gitwangak (Kitwanga), BCmore info

Address / Contact Info
Gitwangak Health Authority
149 Bridge Street
, Gitwangak (Kitwanga), BC, V0J 2A0
Phone: (250) 849-5555
Fax: (250) 849-5531

Haisla Health Centre

A clinic (or outpatient clinic or ambulatory care clinic) is a healthcare facility that is primarily focused on the care of outpatients. more info

Address / Contact Info
Haisla Nation
351 Haisla Ave.
, Haisla (Kitamaat Village), BC, V0T 2B0
Phone: (250) 639-9361
Phone: (250) 632-3600
Fax: (250) 632-3686
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Iskut Valley Health Services

Provides services that promote the mental, spiritual and physical well-being of the Iskut people. Programs include doctor appointments, a dental program, and home supports for seniors. more info

Address / Contact Info
Iskut Band Council
Lot 38, Iskut, BC
, Iskut, BC, V0J 1K0
Phone: (250) 234-3511
Phone: (250) 234-2331
Fax: (250) 234-3200
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Kispiox Health Station

Health clinic in Kispiox, BC. more info

Address / Contact Info
Gitxsan Health Society
1405 Mary Blackwater Dr
, Kispiox, BC, V0J 1Y0
Phone: (250) 842-6236
Administration:: (250) 842-5165
Fax: (250) 842-7149

Kitselas Health Centre

The Kitselas Health Department works with many partners and organizations to provide a continuum of care for the people of the Kitselas community.more info

Address / Contact Info
Kitselas Band
2225 Gitaus Road
, Terrace, BC, V8G 0A9
Phone: (250) 635-5084 Ext 4086
Phone: (250) 631-7659
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Kitsumkalum Health Centre

Health care clinic in Kitsumkalum, BC. more info

Address / Contact Info
3531 Kalum St.
, Terrace, BC, V8G 4A1
Phone: (250) 635-6172
Toll-free: 1-844-869-5993
Fax: (250) 635-6182
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Masset Public Health

Health Unit in Masset, BC. more info

Address / Contact Info
Northern Health
2520 Harrison Avenue, Box 215
, Masset, BC, V0T 1M0
Phone: (250) 626-4702
Fax: (250) 626-6015
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